Expert Tips Your Personal Mover

Insurance is a crucial aspect of the moving process, and our Golden movers, like any reputable moving company, prioritize the protection of your belongings during the relocation.

Here are four insurance tips to keep in mind:

Understand Basic Coverage

Moving companies typically offer basic liability coverage as part of their services. This coverage, often referred to as Released Value Protection, is minimal and provides compensation based on the weight of the items rather than their actual value. While this basic coverage is included, it might not fully cover the replacement cost of valuable items.

Consider Full-Value Protection

Golden movers may recommend opting for Full-Value Protection, which provides more comprehensive coverage. With this option, the moving company is responsible for either repairing the damaged item, replacing it with a similar item, or providing cash settlement for the current market value. While this option usually comes with an additional cost, it offers greater peace of mind.

Check Homeowner’s Insurance

Moving professionals suggest checking your homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies may cover your belongings during a move, either as part of the standard coverage or through an additional rider. Understanding your existing coverage helps you determine if additional moving insurance is necessary.

Document Valuables

Before the move, moving contractors always suggest creating a detailed inventory of your valuable items. Take photographs, make a list of high-value items, and, if possible, note their current condition. This documentation can be crucial in the event of a claim, helping to establish the value of items and their condition before the move. For some of the best movers in Golden, look no further than