Moving in the fall with the leaves falling all around is a beautiful sight.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind in the midst of all that beauty.  Leaves can track into a house.  Our moving crew will sweep between the ramp and the truck to minimize tracking as much as possible.  We also stage furniture pads at the entry ways to catch dust and dirt.  This doesn’t always take care of everything so if you find yourself with a messy access way that can’t be cleaned, you may want to consider using a product called carpet mask throughout the main walkways in your house.  We encourage you to install it yourself so you aren’t paying the hourly rate for the movers to do it but we can also put it down if you prefer.  Carpet mask is a one sided sticky cellophane that you can pick up in Home Depot or Lowes and it does a great job at protecting your carpets.  We don’t carry this product in stock so if you need us to provide it please let us know in advance.