moving company move valuables yourself

If the day of your move is approaching and you are still at loss about what and how to pack, here are some items that you should definitely not pack along with your other belongings:

  • Valuable documents, jewelry, money and securities – these items are very important and they don’t take up much space, so they should be with you, in your handbag;
  • Anything that is flammable, toxic or perishable – any food, paints, aerosols and other household chemicals should be safely disposed of before you move. Moving companies are usually not allowed to transport such items anyway;
  • House plants – most companies don’t transport household plants either or, if they do, they charge extra for them. If you will be following the moving truck in your own car, your plants should travel with you;
  • Medications – it is a good idea to have only the medicines that you need on the day of the move and maybe on the following day. You can get your prescriptions transferred to your new address and take out your medicines at your new place;
  • Pets – your animal friend should also travel with you – it is safer for everyone and that way you can comfort your stressed animal whenever necessary.

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