moving overstuffed boxes companies dont like

When you look at various offers from Wheat Ridge moving companies, you notice that the cost is calculated in relation to the volume of items. Thus, many people attempt to pack their belongings as tightly as possible, over-stuffing boxes to reduce the overall volume.


This attempt to save on moving costs may cost you a lot. Here is the problem with over-stuffing moving boxes:


  1. Each Box Size Has a Maximum Load Capacity

There are shipping boxes with double walls and reinforced bottoms for heavy loads. But most probably you bought the basic model – and it has a lower load capacity. At any rate, no matter what kind of box you use, always pay attention to its maximum load capacity. It is scientifically determined by tests and trials and set to a safe limit.


  1. Very Heavy Boxes May Cause Injuries

The staff of moving companies does not consist of super-humans. They have above average capacity to sustain heavy lifting and effort, but that’s all. If they have to carry over-stuffed boxes, they may slip and fall. If the moving company works with contractors, not W-2 employees, you may be liable for their hospital bills.


  1. Items May Get Crushed during Transport

Your boxes will eventually get stacked one on top of the other in a trailer before being delivered to your new address. If they are all over-stuffed, the items at the bottom of the stack will most probably get crushed and damaged beyond repair.