Many Coloradoans live in this state because of the opportunity it grants us to play outdoors in the winter time. One thing is certain, there is no off season here. Unfortunately, it can’t be all snow and blissful happiness all the time. Think back to those bone-chilling mornings last winter when you had to cautiously walk to your car in the dark of morning as you left for work or drove your kids to school. Hopefully you didn’t slip and fall.

There are ways to be proactive about minimizing the dread of leaving the house on icy winter days, something within everyone’s budget!

De-icing Driveway Tips:

Rock Salt

Although rock salt is not the most environmentally friendly way to break up ice on the driveway, it is quick to use and cheap to purchase. Rock salt is easily distributed across driveways, walkways, and outdoor steps.

Easy on the salt if you are a pet owner. Salt is known to burn pet’s paws on contact.


More commonly used to de-ice roadways in Colorado is sand. Snowplows spill sand on roads they clear in order to create traction against car tires over the ice. In the same way, sand can be used to de-ice driveways. Pitfall? This method can create a muddy snowmelt, but it is more environmentally friendly than rock salt.

Birdseed will work as a replacement for sand.


If you do not own a snow blower, you can always use a shovel. Especially in Colorado, where the sun always seems to find a way to peak through the clouds, it seems practical to leave snow to sit on the driveway and melt itself away. Except, if the sun cannot melt the entirety of snow during the day, slush will freeze over throughout the night.

In some cases, ignoring snow after one snowfall, or two, or three, can lead to ice build-up inches thick.

Extreme Option: Snow Melt Mat

This one is for people redoing their drives, or paving a new driveway. This is a technology which heats your driveway below the service using electric wire, a similar concept to heated floors. It should not come as a surprise this is a costly installation and operation,but for those with extra money burning a hole in their wallet, it could be the most low-maintenance way to de-ice your driveway.