Arvada Moving Companies Professional Services

Arvada moving companies are responsible if they damage or misplace any type of possession during the move. As a result, they have to often deal with insurance claims.

If you decide to purchase a moving insurance, the company will make a detailed inventory of your belongings on the day of your move in order to take all measures of precaution. In addition, you should also photograph your belongings and fill out a moving cost estimator that details your most valuable possessions.

Handling insurance claims entails a lot of paperwork. If you file an insurance claim, the moving company will request: photos, receipts for the damaged objects and a written claim detailing the damage. Moreover, you have to meet a certain deadline because not abiding by the deadline can equal the cancellation of the policy.

Afterwards, the moving company comes up with a settlement that you can either accept or reject. If you accept it, you just have to send back a written agreement, but, if the settlement is too low and you decide to reject it, the next step is to file a complaint against the moving company stating that the company breached a part of the agreement by offering an unsatisfactory settlement.