boxesWe all know moving can be stressful.  Whether you are moving across the Denver Metro or moving across the street here are some packing tips to make it a little less chaotic.

1.  Plan and organize.  Set up a calendar based on how far out your move is.  If you are starting early and have 6 months to pack your calendar will look far different than if you are planning to move next week.  The key is to work on something moving related and to pack something everyday.

2.  Have plenty of packing materials on hand before you start.  A good assortment of different sized boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and a marker are essentials to have before starting to pack.  Some people use different colored tape for different rooms so it is easier for the movers to get the boxes to the right place in your new home.  If you choose this method make sure you stay consistent.

3.  Do not get caught up in the “pick and choose” method of packing.  So many times I see people who have started packing in one room taken something to another room and then started packing there, forgetting about the first room all together.  Pick a spot and pack it until it is packed.  If you find something that belongs somewhere else, set it aside until you are finished packing the area you started on.  This will help keep you organized and give you a sense of accomplishment when at least one area is done.

4.  Don’t worry if you get down to a week before you are moving and you aren’t ready.  Just shift from “looking through” everything to just getting into a box.  It is always easier to make those tough decisions about keeping an item or giving it away when you are trying to find a new place to put it in your new home.

5.  Call your mover if you get in a bind and can not get it all done.  If you give your mover at least a 36 hour notice they can usually schedule a packer to help you consolidate the last minute stuff on the day before your scheduled move.   Remember a house that is packed takes a lot less time to move than one that isn’t.