It is the worst part of the move aside from the lifting and the unpacking.  Procrastinating on this task is a great way to make sure your move is a nightmare.  It is difficult to sort through things, pack things, just the thought of packing the kitchen with all those cupboards is enough to make some people run and hide.  Some people who are moving have a little voice inside their head that says “It’s ok, you can pack when the movers get here.”  DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE!  Movers are amazingly fast at what they do, which is move furniture from your house to the truck.  If you are trying to pack while they are doing that, you will find yourself with piles of stuff that the movers removed from the furniture so that they could move it and movers waiting for you to fill boxes.  Awkward!  The key to a quick, successful move is to start the sorting and packing early, even weeks before hand.  Remember, the more prepared you are, the quicker and the less expensive the move will be.  HAPPY PACKING!