1.  You found a mover through Google, Service Magic, Angie’s list, City Search, Dex Online or 123movers.com.  Did you check the company out at the Better Business Bureau?  They keep track of any complaint that comes in on any business whether that business is accredited by them or not.  Did you know that the BBB holds its members to a high code of ethics and business practices?  Yes, we pay for a membership and Yes they promote us and YES we strive to provide the best customer service possible to maintain the A+ rating we have with them.ten helpful moving tips

2.  Our rule of thumb is “if it is 3 bedrooms or more, schedule an in person estimate”.  Even some 2 bedroom houses can require an estimate to accurately gauge how long the move will take or how much man power/truck space is needed to complete the move safely and in one day.

3.  Sounds to good to be true? It probably is.  During our 8 years of being in business we have heard so many stories from people who went with the “lowest” estimate, only to end up paying twice as much in the end,  due to hidden charges or insurance that didn’t cover the damage the movers left behind.  The best way to compare estimates is to look at cost per man per hour.

4.  What kind of cargo insurance does the moving company you are hiring carry?  The state of Colorado requires movers to carry insurance that equates to .60 per pound per item.  This means the copier the mover just dropped that weighs only 10 lbs is insured for $6.00.  Sometimes unexpected things happen during a move, make sure the mover will take care of it if it does.

5.  Are the people moving your things covered by workers compensation?  Workers Compensation insurance keeps the liability for any injury on the moving company.6.  Are the rates “all inclusive”?  Often we hear about really low hourly rates that sound great and then we read the fine print that talks about a stair charge or furniture protection charge or a mileage charge or a tape charge…While the initial rate sounds great, the “extras” can add up in a jiffy and before you know it, you are paying more than the hourly rate that included everything.

7.  Are the employees directly employed by the moving company or are they day labor that gets brought in everyday?  Moving is not rocket science but it does take some experience to completely load a truck efficiently and without damage.

8.  Beware the moving company that wants to give you a quote and get off the phone.  Did they ask any questions about the amount of furniture and boxes that need to be moved?  Do they have a clear picture of what you are moving and what your access is like at both the old and new locations?  Not all moves are created equal.  Make sure whoever is giving you an estimate has all the information.  If it seems like the company is in a rush, move on the next one.

9.  Once you have chosen a mover make sure you are on their schedule.  Call to schedule a time as soon as you know your moving date.

10.  Congratulations!  You have navigated your way through choosing a moving company.  Now, it is time to pack 🙂

Moving anything can be a stressful experience.  Whether it is an apartment going to storage or a 5 bedroom house going across the city, you want to make sure you ask the right questions when looking for a moving company so the day of your move, you can sit back, relax and direct.

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