Whether we move people from Castle Rock to Golden or Arvada to Lakewood, the best way to make a move go smoothly is to pack EVERYTHING. Believe it or not, having everything that can go in a box, ..in a box, can cut down on the cost of your move. Yes, even the light bulbs and lampshades need to be in a box.

Why? When you think about a large moving truck, there is a lot of space front to back on the floor. There is also space from the floor of the truck to the ceiling. In order to utilize all of that space boxes need to be somewhat uniform, closed flat on top and taped shut. This type of preparation allows the crew to stack things as high as possible, utilizing all the space available.

When you are packing to move think about the number of trips it takes to get things to your car. For example, say you go to the grocery store and you end up with twenty bags of groceries. If you have a box in your trunk you can put 10 bags in at a time, then it only takes two trips to get all the groceries into the house. It is the same thing with moving. If you have 20 small shoe boxes consolidated into one larger box, then instead of several trips to the moving truck, it only takes one.

Not only that but if everything is in a box closed and taped shut it is less likely to spill while the truck is driving to your new location. So how do you pack boxes? Check back next week or give us a call…